civicChallenge is a…

…an Incubator for the public sector. We are rewarding future innovation intentions and empowering potential innovators with selected intrapreneurships.

…a Competition of innovative ideas and projects from and for the public sector in Switzerland. A set of standards and a jury of leaders in innovation ensures we focus on projects that can make a real difference for civic life in Switzerland.

…a Framework for Public Innovators in Switzerland to challenge ourselves and each
other with the aim to better understand the problems citizens are facing in Switzerland and collaboratively find solutions, test them and implement them.

…a Community, be part of the first national Public Innovator community. We want to create insight, new possibilities and a deeper understanding of innovative solutions and their implementation.

How can I participate?

Employees of the public sector in Switzerland.
Having a real problem to fix is a good start.
You will need the support of your administration.
We welcome people from all levels of government (federal, cantonal or communal).
We support people from all ranks and branches of government!

What will you and your team win?

The chance to change something in your administration.
Meeting with the best public innovators.
Working with true professionals and top advisors and get a certified innovation training.
Building your idea into a viable project.
30’000 CHF to turn your project into a prototype.

For more information read our project description
Download project description